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Beneath our feet was once a symphony of song. A gigantic web of communications that connected plants and microbes together.  But the web is failing. The language is lost, and the songs are severed. Rebuild the network of song, hidden and forgotten amidst the roots and the soil. 

Song of the Soil is a short audio visual puzzle game. Inspired by resilient and regenerative farming practices.

Concept inspired by past discussions with leading Plant Science Researchers at the John Innes Centre, as well as with regenerative farmers.

Created for the IndieCade Climate Jam 2022 by DirtPunk...

Ashley Cho - Programming, Design
Henry Driver - Art, Research, Writing, Design
Sacha Holsnyder - Sound, Design
Rebecka Pettersson - Writing, Design
Marie LeBlanc Flanagan - Writing, Design 

If you are stuck on the puzzle click here for guidance.  


Song of the Soil.zip 152 MB
SongOfTheSoil_OSX.zip 163 MB

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